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This document sets out the terms and conditions ('Terms') for the use of the website www.onlinemusicfoundry.com ('Site') and comprises a legal agreement between the website visitors ('Visitors') and the website owner ('Owner'). Visitors must read and agree the Terms before using the Site or purchasing any products from the Site.

By adding products listed in the Site to the cart, Visitors agree to accept the terms and conditions stated in the License/End User Agreements that are uploaded to the Site by the Owner. Visitors should also read the Privacy Policy of the Site which describes how the Owner uses Visitors' personal data/information. These documents, as amended by the Owner and posted on the Site from time to time, are the entire agreement ('Agreement') between the Visitors and the Owner. Visitors are advised to stop using the Site and not to continue with any use of the Site if they do not agree with the documents.

All the materials on the Site which includes words, pictures, photographs, moving images, videos, songs, sound and other materials ('Contents'), are owned by the Owner.

Visitors may not display, download, use or copy any materials on the Site without the Owner's written permission and all Contents of the Site remain the Owner's property.

The Site is created to promote Online Music Foundry products.

Visitors' use of the Site does not grant to the Visitors any ownership or interest in any contents, data or materials Visitors may access on or through the Site, or any intellectual property rights subsisting any contents, data or materials Visitors may access on or through the Site.

Visitors may not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell or resell the Contents of the Site without the Owner's written consent.

Visitors must use the Site for lawful purposes only and are responsible for all electronic communications and contents sent from their computers to the Site or to the Owner.

The terms and conditions stated in the Agreement apply to all Visitors and all product purchases through the Site.

Visitors agree to pay the fees set out on the Site for the products which they intend to purchase in the manner specified. Prices, offers and available products for purchase are subject to availability and may change before any purchases.

Fees are payable in US dollars through a secured internet site and Visitors are responsible for any charges which may be incurred during the purchases. Visitors are also responsible to check the details of the purchases and correct any input errors. No cancellation or refund will be made. Fees are debited immediately as a pre-payment but the Owner reserves the right to reject any purchases. Upon rejection, all paid fees will be refunded. In case of any clerical errors made by the Owner, an option of refund or delivery at the correct price will be granted to the Visitors.

After purchases, Visitors will receive emails containing the details of the purchases and download links for the products purchased from a secured internet site. Visitors are advised that all download links will expire after 1 attempt. Visitors are responsible to ensure reliable internet connection with sufficient bandwidth, computer software and hardware are available for the attempt.

The Owner may at his sole discretion amend the Terms in whole or in part from time to time and at any time without further notice to the Visitors. Amendment to the Terms will become effective from the date of upload to the Site. Visitors' continued use of the Site after the upload will be considered acceptance of the amendment.

During the Visitors' use of the Site, or purchasing products through the Site, Visitors may be asked to provide certain personal information to the Owner or his agencies. The use of collected information are set out in our Privacy Policy. Visitors are solely responsible for the accuracy and contents of their Information.

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