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A world of sounds from different cultures!

Explore a whole kingdom of new sounds with 250 presets, all created from recordings of diverse ethnic instruments like kalimbas, taiko drums, Chinese bells and the guzheng. Play with otherworldly granular percussive loops, arpeggiated cinematic drums and mystical synth sounds, all designed exclusively for Padshop 2 by Gary Gibbons from Online Music Foundry.

* For Non-Padshop 2 users - This product is not compatible with Padshop or Padshop Pro.

250 expressive presets for Padshop 2

193 manipulated stereo samples

135.3 MB samples in 48 kHz / 24-bit quality

Available as download only (.zip file; 126.42MB)

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Download a copy of the Patch List here

Kingdom VST Sound Instrument Set is an expansion pack for Steinberg's Padshop 2, a Granular and Spectral Synthesizer.

* For Non-Padshop 2 users - This product is not compatible with Padshop or Padshop Pro.

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Kingdom expansion pack comes with an "easy-to-install" instructional manual for download after purchasing.

The manual is also available in our Download page.

"OMF's Padshop patches are the best in the business, the backbone of my composition work for T.V./film."
Composer Mark Roos

“My work as a composer and sound designer takes me all over the world, producing textural carnivals of sound for a wide range of products. Thanks to OMF's diverse palette of patches and samples for Padshop 2, I can do it all without ever leaving my studio.”
Mark J. Tapply - Imaginary Friends Studio

“I really love Bewitcher, it has a lot of inspirational sounds which give me direct inspiration as a starting point for a song. I think that the library is not only a trailer sound-design and cinematic production tool. It is also great for ethno, world and electronic music. As an electronic music producer I was quite surprised by the amount of great sounds which are useful for me in my productions. I would say Bewitcher is a must have for composers and producers regardless of the style of music they make.”
Martijn Schrader - Sounds and Inspiration

“Online Music Foundry has created something extremely special with the release of the Kingdom and Bewitcher libraries for Padshop 2. Each in their own right text you through a journey of both ethnic and electronica cinematic sounds that are perfect for scoring in a variety of musical situations. If you are involved in composition for film, television, game music or simply looking for something to spice up your electronic music these libraries will be right up your alley!”
Brian Brylow (Editor at SampleLibraryReview.com) - Arpegiator, Parallaxe & Gorgon Nebula

Online Music Foundry was founded by composer and sound designer Gary Gibbons, who has decades of experience in audio production. With all his experience, Gary instantly recognized the potential of Padshop Pro when it was first released and, since then, he has produced over 10,000 presets. With his desire to share his Padshop knowledge with users and to increase the Padshop community, he created a social media group for Users of Padshop, Padshop Pro and Padshop 2 to share programming tips, technical issues and basic knowledge. He continues to make tutorials for the group and the Steinberg VST instruments and plug-ins YouTube channel.

To learn more about Gary Gibbons, visit https://www.garygibbons.info/about-me/.

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