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Black Friday Sale 2018

Last clearance sale before our exciting new future!

From now until November 30, 2018 (UTC -5), you can get up to 94% discount on OMF expansion packs and SFX products.

Granular Dark Side Of The Strings Plus: USD1.99 - original price USD9.99
The Sound Designer Vol 1: USD2.99 - original price USD14.99
Granular Bass Guitar: USD2.99 - original price USD39.99
Granular Drum Kits: USD2.99 - original price USD49.99
The Sound Designer Vol 2: USD3.99 - original price USD24.99
Granular Monster Drone: USD4.99 - original price USD19.99
Granular Guzheng: USD5.99 - original price USD24.99
Granular Ukulele: USD5.99 - original price USD49.99
Granular Synth Collection: USD9.99 - original price USD34.99
Granular Dark Side Of The Strings: USD9.99 - original price USD39.99
Granular Vocal Dreams: USD9.99 - original price USD39.99
Granular Strings Plus: USD9.99 - original price USD45.99
Granular Frame Drums 2: USD9.99 - original price USD49.99
Granular Bundle 4: USD34.99 - original price USD121.99
Granular Bundle 7: USD39.99 - original price USD243.99
Granular Sound Designer Pro: USD74.99 - original price USD249.99

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December 1st, 2018, Online Music Foundry will be discontinuing 9 Padshop Pro expansion packs and 2 SFX libraries to bring in an exciting new future.

Discontinued products include Granular Frame Drums 2, Granular Drum Kits, Granular Bass Guitar, Granular Ukulele, Granular Guzheng, Granular Strings Plus, Granular Dark Side Of The Strings Plus, Bundle 4, Bundle 7, The Sound Designer Vol. 1, The Sound Designer Vol. 2.

As the provider of the most third-party Padshop expansion packs in the world, we are pleased to announce that we are currently producing new products for Steinberg’s HALion Sonic SE 3. With new recorded content, our goal is to provide high quality solutions for sound design and music production.

HALion Sonic SE 3 is a stripped-down version of HALion Sonic 3 and is available for free as a plug-in for any VST3, VST2, AU and AAX compatible host and as a stand-alone application for macOS and Windows.